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Oxford University Rhodes Scholarships for Global Students

Operations are invited from eligible campaigners from the world over to apply for the Rhodes Literacy for Global Scholars( i.e. not eligible under any other Rhodes Literacy Constituency) to apply for a Education, subject to nomination.

Rhodes Global Scholarship provides 100 completely- funded Literacy each time and is seeking outstanding youthful leaders who are motivated to engage with global challenges and to promote transnational understanding and peace. The education will give backing for successful scholars to study in University of Oxford.
Education Guarantor( s) Rhodes Trust

Education Type Completely Funded
Host Institution( s) University of Oxford, UK

Scholarship Worth Not specified
Number of Awards 100

Study Position Postgraduate( Masters)
Nation Transnational scholars

The Rhodes Literacy for Global| Eligibility Criteria
To be considered for the Rhodes Literacy for Global scholars to study in the United Kingdom, aspirants are to meet the following criteria

Aspirants may only apply to the Global Literacy if they aren’t eligible to apply via any being Rhodes constituency.
Aspirants must be at least 18 times and haven’t reached their 24th birthday by 1 October 2022. OR for aged campaigners who have completed their first undergraduate degree latterly than usual mustn’t have reached their 27th
Aspirants must have formerly completed, or will have completed by July 2023, an undergraduate degree( typically a Barchelor’s degree) with an academic background and grade that – at a minimum meets or exceeds the specific entry conditions of their chosen full- time course at the University of Oxford.
Must have a sufficiently high standard of English and have met, by the operation deadline, the English language proficiency conditions of the University of Oxford.
See Also Mandela Rhodes Postgraduate Scholarship Program2022/2023( Completely Funded)

Procedures for application

How- to- Apply Interested aspirants for the Rhodes Literacy for Global must gain a letter of nomination from their university. You’ll need to register the details of an applicable elector via the operation form and you’ll only be suitable to submit your operation once they’ve submitted their nomination. Aspirants can apply online after being nominated.

Document Conditions
Upload clones of sanctioned documents to further outline your geographical background and to prove that you meet the age conditionse.g. birth instrument, National enrollment Card, passport etc.
Official paraphrase from the council or university you’re studying or have studied.
Substantiation of English Language proficiency.
Give details of an applicable elector.
Full class vitae
A head- and- shoulders colour snap( jpg format).
A particular statement of no further than 750 words.
Operation Deadline 1st August 2022 at 2359 GMT
Visit the Official Website for Farther Details

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